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Southcorp:Shanghai Brapu Cooling Tower Co., Ltd

Northern Corp.:Brapu (Beijing) Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

Brapu (China) Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Brapu Industrial Group in mainland China, responsible for Brapu products in China's market business, Brapu (China) Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. has in mainland China's Shanghai and Beijing set up a subsidiary , For China to provide high-quality Brapu cooling tower.

Shanghai Brapu Cooling Tower Co., Ltd., for the German Brapu Industrial Group in Shanghai, China Pudong investment in the branch. Now in China, Shanghai Brapu in Germany BRAPU headquarters of the continued support, has become China's most widely used products, the highest level of technical one of the cooling tower manufacturers. The company is headquartered in Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Park Cambridge Road 1159.

Brapu (Beijing) Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign company established in the Chinese capital Beijing with the support of Brapu, Germany. The company is responsible for docking Brapu cooling tower business in northern China market. The company is located in Tongzhou, District Jinqiao Science and Technology Industrial Base Ring Road on the 17th.

Brapu (China) has become the most cost-effective, quality and the creation of the highest value of the cooling tower equipment manufacturers a sense of mission to become China's industrial and civilian market, the top products and services provider.

Brapu has more than 130 employees in China, including 20 management staff, distributed in the country's sales staff and agents have more than 40 people, 27 engineering and technical personnel, more than 50 workers in the staff. The company also has one more than one professional staff of the after-sales service team, perennial stationed in various offices, always ready for the customer service to provide maintenance and repair. Brapu cooling towers have established and applied a quality system in the design and manufacture of cooling towers. The quality assurance system has been certified to meet ISO 9001 and DIN1947 standards, with a number of technically skilled engineering technicians and managers. The establishment of the most advanced quality management system, the development of international standards on behalf of the new technology products, training in line with the spirit of the new era of staff to meet the user requirements to meet the work of the prospective.

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company in workshop   company in workshop

In the field of evaporative cooling technology, Brapu is the leading company. Brapu is your best choice if you choose industrial and commercial cooling towers and other evaporative cooling equipment. Brapu has a wide range of technical resources and has been enhanced by drawing on the world's most advanced experience in evaporative cooling technology, and we are in a position to help others solve the various requirements and problems associated with evaporative cooling.

Brapu China as a branch of the German Brapu Group in mainland China, is the largest single production of domestic cooling towers factory. In line with China's domestic sales market requirements, the company's production base has four advanced equipment, standardized production workshop, that is, iron workshop, FRP workshop, PVC workshop, research and development workshop. Workshop covers an area of ??13,000 square meters, according to production needs, a reasonable allocation of various types of production equipment. The company is equipped with advanced production and testing equipment: Doppler imaging tester: Germany introduced Doppler imaging tester, the instrument can be three difficult to scan the water droplets in the cooling tower, micro-analysis of water droplets particle size, is the most advanced Cooling tower water detection equipment. Thermal imaging equipment: Germany introduced a thermal imaging equipment, cooling tower core cooling components can be dynamically scanned to form a complete distribution curve for the development of efficient filler to provide the correct real-time test data. Vibration detector: the cooling tower tower mechanical vibration is the user is very concerned about the sensitive issues, Brapu (China) from Germany to introduce vibration fan motor vibration detection digital instrument can be dynamic detection, analysis of the vibration source of the gear, The relevant data of the drive shaft. Ultrasonic flowmeter: flow test is the cooling tower thermal test of the key figures one, from Germany to introduce ultrasonic flowmeter, the instrument has a convenient, instantaneous flow test is accurate, does not destroy the characteristics of the pipeline, with high advanced. Noise detector: from Germany to introduce the most advanced noise tester, the instrument has a computer real-time output function, the shower noise and motor noise, fan noise by professional analysis, to find the most suitable cooling tower body noise reduction of the most Good plan. Large CNC turret punch: the introduction of STPIPPIT company large CNC turret punch, L.V.D company's automatic cutting plate, folding equipment TRIDAN company mechanical processing lines for the modular cooling tower and closed cooling tower heat exchanger production to provide core equipment. Gel coat molding equipment: enterprises to introduce GLAS-CRAFT company FRP series, MCG multi-color gel coat system molding equipment. The equipment is the most advanced mechanical operation equipment that has so far been patented and has been demonstrated by the World FRP organization.


Brapu has always been to meet or exceed customer expectations as the main consideration, and consistent high quality services, adequate resources and the most competitive cost structure, to provide customers with the most superior products and services.

Brapu is in all business transactions to comply with the highest level of moral standards for the business of the commandments.

Brapu will be in a position to assess the level of service we provide and respond to any areas where we need to be improved.

Brapu will communicate with all customers, suppliers and colleagues in an open, sincere and appropriate time.

Brapu will establish and develop an environment that encourages skills to enhance the opportunities for all employees and individuals to participate in our business development.

Brapu will continue to improve the level of service, in order to continue to go beyond all the performance indicators.


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Germany Brapu began in 1930

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