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Brapu Industrial Group was founded in 1930, located in the western region of the Rhine River in the western Rhine River Ruhr River and Lipper River Ruhr Industrial Zone, in the world there are seven factories, six companies, 12 subsidiaries, more than 70 offices, business Worldwide. Brapu has nearly 90 years of experience in the production of refrigeration products, Europe and the world's refrigeration market on the prestigious multinational companies.At present, there are more than one thousand employees in the world, mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of open cooling towers, closed cooling towers, evaporative condensers and other refrigeration equipment, Brapu to become a high-quality cooling tower industry leading brand. Brapu's business is not just the manufacture of products, but also involves Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania five continents within the cooling water system engineering design and construction.

Brapu is one of the earlier German manufacturers in the refrigeration industry to obtain international ISO9001 quality certification and German DIN standard certification, which shows that Brapu from the scientific research, design, production, sales and after-sales service a series of processes are in line with the current Europe and the world strict Quality certification system. Brapu has always been scientific research and technological innovation in the first place, and actively absorb the advanced professional and technical to meet the needs of the market to meet new challenges, the company has an independent development research institutions, mainly engaged in circulating water refrigeration systems and products, environmental protection and energy conservation , As well as new technology, new product research and development work. Brapu is an innovative and efficient world-class company in the field of circulating water cooling. All products meet the relevant European and American standards for Asian countries and regions.Brapu's headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, has the world's most advanced cooling tower test platform, is the German government can be used as a third party testing equipment platform. All Brapu products have been rigorously tested prior to leaving the factory to simulate real use. Brapu company in the technical innovation, quality and management excellence. The company's products are divided into eight categories, more than 20 series, more than 700 kinds of models of products, the global refrigeration industry's recognition.

Brapu refrigeration equipment throughout the world, in 2001 the market share in Germany was 27.8%, the entire European market share of 16.5%, the market leader. Its customers include the German Federal Railways, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Germany RTK, Krupp Steel, Volkswagen AG, Bayer AG and a number of key enterprises and important departments; other European countries, government departments and major companies Baptu refrigeration equipment, including France Airlines, Mann Group, Emerson Electric, Frankfurt Airport, Royal Philips Electronics, UBS, Kempinski Hotel and other well-known customers.In the field of evaporative cooling technology, Brapu is the world leader and Brapu is the best choice if you use industrial and commercial cooling towers and other evaporative cooling equipment. The Group has a wide range of technical resources and is enhanced by drawing on the world's most advanced experience in evaporative cooling technology, and we are in a position to help others solve the various requirements and problems associated with evaporative cooling.Brapu has always been dedicated to the development of cooling towers and evaporative condensers. The products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, paper, chemical, biopharmaceutical, electronics, food, tobacco, glass, electricity, chemical Construction and other fields. Brapu company, not only for the world to bring advanced evaporative cooling technology, but also bring excellent manufacturing experience and service quality, in order to enable our customers in production efficiency and technology in a favorable position, and timely and accurate response to market demand, Brapu in the research and development, manufacturing and service at all levels, as one will continue to spare no effort.


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